About Me

 I am the mother of two amazing sons, Harrison and Carson, and have been married to my wonderful husband Stan for twenty-four years. I am the founder and president of JoAnn Coburn Designs, a custom invitation design business. In 2009 when Harrison was in the seventh grade at Davis Academy, a private Jewish day school in Dunwoody, Georgia I started this business. It was the year that all of his classmates were having Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. As each invitation rolled into our mailbox, I became intrigued by the uniqueness and originality of some of the custom designs and how they captured the individuality of each child being honored. I actually looked forward to Harrison opening each of these envelopes so that I could get a glimpse of the contents.  When my Husband and I started to prepares for his Bar Mitzvah, I knew that with art and graphic design background, that I could not only create an invitation out of love but also one distinctly designed for him with colors, materials and design patterns to reflect Harrison–and no one else! Harrison chose a theme of black cardstock with silver pinstripes because he felt since he was coming of age that he wanted a mature, sophisticated and masculine design, so that became our starting point. Shortly after his invitations were mailed, many parents inquired as to where I had purchased them and wanted the name of the designer. The rest is history and for nearly a decade I have created numerous one-of-a kind invitations for mitzvahs, weddings and other special events. As my business has expanded, I have not only refined my skills as a designer but have developed an expertise as a stationery professional to guide my clients through the entire invitation process. JoAnn Coburn Designs is not just a product but also provides full service to its customers, including assistance in wording, etiquette, protocol and any other uncertainties that a host may have. The advantage of using my services is that I provide experience, personal advice, attention and guidance–qualities which you do not receive through a retail stationery store or a web-site provider. I also collaborate with some of the finest local printers and graphic finishers to ensure that the product you receive is most professional and meets or exceeds your expectations.  With each invitation I have designed, I think back to the first one that I created for Harrison and remember how important and special it was to me to reflect his style and personality while setting an exciting the tone for the launch of the celebration of this most important milestone in his life. To this day, I strive to accomplish those goals with each individual who chooses me to fulfill their stationery needs. 


My first invitation

Designed for Harrison Coburn's

Bar Mitzvah in 2009




Created for my youngest son,  Carson, for his Bar Mitzah in 2014.  This invitation was screen printed over an acrylic mirror finish.  Packaged in a silver DVD case with crocodile

textured cardstock and a custom logo.